Contoh Kalimat Passive Voice dan Cara Merubah Active Jadi Passive

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Contoh Kalimat Passive Voice – Dalam kehidupan sehari – hari kita sering kali menemui penggunaan kalimat active dan passive voice. Active voice menggambarkan sebuah kalimat dimana subjek melakukan tindakan yang biasanya dinyatakan dengan kata kerja.

Struktur kalimat active voice yaitu subjek + kata kerja + objek atau keterangan. Sementara passive voice, subjek tidak melakukan tindakan tetapi hanya menerima tindakan.

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Struktur kalimat passive voice terjadi ketika kamu membuat objek tindakan menjadi subjek kalimat. Artinya, siapapun atau apapun yang melakukan tindakan bukanlah subjek tata bahasa kalimat.

Walaupun active voice lebih sering digunakan, tetapi kamu juga harus tahu cara merubah active voice menjadi passive voice.

contoh kalimat passive voice bahasa inggris

Bagaimana Cara Merubah Kalimat Active Voice Menjadi Kalimat Passive Voice?

Cara merubah active voice menjadi passive voice yaitu dengan merubah letak objek yang biasanya berada di akhir kalimat menjadi di awal kalimat. Kalimat passive voice biasanya lebih menekankan kejadian, bukan pada pelaku kejadian.

Secara umum rumus kalimat passive voice yaitu Subject + to be (is/am/are) + past participle. Perhatikan perubahan kalimat active voice menjadi contoh kalimat passive voice berikut ini.


• Active voice : The stranger stole my bicycle. (Orang asing itu mencuri sepeda saya)

Passive voice: My bike was stolen. (Sepeda saya dicuri)

Pada contoh di atas, active voice lebih menekankan pada pelaku tindakan, sementara pada kalimat passive voice fokusnya adalah pada fakta kejadian sepeda saya d

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icuri, namun tidak tahu siapa yang melakukannya.

• Active voice: George kicked the ball. (George menendang bola)

Dalam kalimat active voice di atas, subjek melakukan tindakan.

Passive Voice: The ball was kicked by George. (Bola ditendang oleh George)

Pada kalimat passive voice, subjek kalimat menerima tindakan. Dalam kalimat di atas, bola adalah penerima aksi dan merupakan subjek kalimat.

Penggunaan Modal Auxiliary Verb (Modals) pada Kalimat Passive Voice

Penggunaan rumus modals pada dasarnya sama semua, yang membedakan hanya pada fungsinya saja. Berikut ini rumus modals pada kalimat active voice dan kalimat passive voice:

Active (+) : S+ modals+ verb 1 (bare infinitive)+ O
Passive (+) : O+ modals+ be+ verb 3 (past participle)+ by+ S

kalimat passive voice

Contoh – Contoh Kalimat Passive Voice Untuk Dipelajari

1. Scary movie is going to be watched by us tonight.

2. The entire house was painted by my uncle.

3. The forest in suburb was destroyed by the forest fire.

4. Instructions will be given to you by the Manager.

5. All wedding events are prepared by a wedding planner.

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6. All the cookies have been eaten by Lydia.

7. My car was hit by someone in the parking lot.

8. The Grand Canyon is visited by hundreds of tourists every week.

9. The house was renovated by the owner before being sold.

10. Tea is being drunk by me right now.

11. The school is dusted by the cleaning crew every day.

12. The agreement was signed by both parties working together.

14. The novel was read by Arleta in one day.

15. The obstacle was passed by Marco eagerly.

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16. Security videos watched to find lost items.

17. The highway was closed yesterday due to a traffic accident.

18. The baby was carried by his mother when he cried.

19. Two guards were killed by criminals who escaped from prison.

20. Bread is eaten by the boy.


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