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97th+ Percentile Scoring


Our experienced tutors have all scored in the 97th+ percentile on the extremely challenging SAT, GRE, and GMAT tests. The easier TOEFL would not pose a threat to these intellectual beings.

Personalized Study Plan

An individualized TOEFL study plan targeted specifically to your skills, needs, and goals

Enjoy your tutorings

It’s our mission to make TOEFL prep as easy and painless as possible. We’ll match you with a world-class online tutor (who you actually like to work with). They’ll be a cheerleader, friend, and mentor every step of the way.

Intuitive Analytical


You’ll get a set of customized, digital lessons made just for you. The minds of our instructors run the most sophisticated “algorithm” to analyze your performance and effectively target your weaknesses, so you can boost your scores where it matters most.


Average English Bridge TOEFL student score increase
after 40 hours of course


Average English Bridge TOEFL student score increase
after 64 hours of course

86 %

Score Higher Than 98 Out Of 120

Student Success Stories

I gave TOEFL thrice.
First I scored 92; (reading : 19)
Second time I scored 103; (reading : 22)
Third time (English Bridge) scored 116; (reading : 28)
It was an achievement for me!!!
Thank you Ms Amanda

Cynthia Ruslan

TOEFL Score: 116

Charles Darwin University

What Our Students Are Saying

The templates of writing, warnings about wrong answer traps and innumerable practice tests helped me improve a lot from my first mock test.

Ms Amanda provided me with a structured program to prepare for the TOEFL. Familiarity breeds confidence and I can happily vouch for their program.

Calvina Izumi

TOEFL Score: 111

Johns Hopkins University

The speaking & writing lessons were really helpful. Before the test I thought speaking would be my weakness, but it turns out that it is the opposite. I didn’t really have enough time for preparation with school work and other stuff, so I only had time at night or between classes. I was really miserable because I didn’t know what to do with TOEFL until I met Ms Amanda and Mr Ray.

Aditya Febrian

TOEFL Score: 107

The University of Sydney

Mr Ray made me confident in expressing myself through writing, and improved my English vocabulary a lot.
It helped me a lot because it’s tips whenever I wasn’t able to find the correct answer to a question or I did not have time to read the text in the Reading section. I just applied your advices.

Anton Saputro

TOEFL Score: 112

The University of Warwick

I was really impressed about my final score, on test day I felt more comfortable after finished the exam. Ms Amanda and their whole team were awesome, always willing to help me and I am so grateful for the kind help. This prep course is highly recommended. Guaranteed!

Sheilla Limijaya

TOEFL Score: 115

Georgia Institute of Technology

Ms Amanda really helped me prepare and do my best on my TOEFL exam. The practice questions and explanations helped me get a great score in my first TOEFL attempt. Because of the intensive practice sessions, I was able to give the exam with ease and confidence. I’m really happy with my results and will definitely recommend them to my family and friends. A big shout-out to Ms Amanda and Mr Ray.

Valeri Monica

TOEFL Score: 110

University of Science and Technology of China

Mr Ray’s lessons were coherent and easy to understand and recall. The practice questions followed by his explanations helped me to be more analytical at the same time guided me to apply strategies in a smart way. Writing and Speaking are my strengths and I wanted them to be highlighted in my score. On the other hand, Listening was a weak area for me as I was not able to understand the inference based questions but I did good in that section as well.

Ela Putri Karina 

TOEFL Score: 108

University of Geneva

They were instrumental in providing all the resources needed to excel in the TOEFL. I could have garnered more points in the reading section if I had managed my time a bit well in the experimental passage. I am glad that I chose this company and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to score a good score in the TOEFL. (smiley)

Hanna Afriani

TOEFL Score: 116

University of Southern California

I got a 110 on my first attempt. Ms Amanda and the bloody consultants are to blame for it.

I took the 1 month study plan. Lessons are crystal clear and aim for the key topics, extremely helpful.

English Bridge has the best pool of questions to practice for GMAT and TOEFL

Brenda Arijanto

TOEFL Score: 110

Michigan State University

Having studied at English Bridge for GRE earlier I knew it was going to be a great experience for TOEFL as well. And it was!

I think the most useful feature that English Bridge has to offer is the “Custom Practice” feature. This feature helps the test takers concentrate on the section of the test that they feel they need most practice with.

Vania Widjaja

TOEFL Score: 109

University of Pittsburgh

To be honest, I consider my English language skills to be quite advanced. However, my initial research suggested that one should not take TOEFL lightly as even the native English speakers sometimes fail to score beyond 100. Thus, in this regard, TOEFL greatly helped me in familiarizing with the test. I needed a score of at least 100 in order to apply for school. I scored 112 (beyond my expectations) and thus I am quite happy. Thank You Ms Amanda!

Veryco Andrean

TOEFL Score: 112

Dartmouth College

The practice sessions were extremely helpful. Especially the lessons on each section. I found the perfect guidance given by Ms Amanda. The explanations for each question were helpful in understanding better, wherever I went wrong.

Elizabeth Kurniadi

TOEFL Score: 114

Brown University

Thank you… Ms Jennifer. Each practice made be better day by day. I was worried about the speaking and writing sections but the vast range of topics helped me improvise. Especially towards the end, when I needed extension by a few hours and instead got it for a whole week which gave me a little more time to go through the lessons and practice tests.

Ferdiansyah Pratama

TOEFL Score: 107

University of Wollongong

Inside the English Bridge Curriculum

Gain a Well-Rounded Technical Foundation

Test prep can be stressful, and it’s our mission to make it as enjoyable and easy as possible. Your tutor will be with you throughout the whole process, cheering you on and giving you customized advice so that you are excited and empowered to improve your scores.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Network and connect with academic managers and your peers with the same ambitions and activities, and prepare to shine with the real tests.

Intuitive analytics

Our detailed score report results reveal exactly where you need to focus to achieve the biggest score gains.


Pre-Work: Prediction Test For Baseline Purposes

Stage 1: Exploratory Analysis

Stage 2: Learning of Fundamentals

Stage 3: Focus on All Test Sections

Stage 4: Mastery of Grammar and Writing

Stage 5: Advanced Topics and Strategies

With 6K+ alumni, we’ve placed more grads in high-calibre,

high-quality universities and careers than any other programme.

Lessons built for you

No two students are the same, and we create personalized lessons that cater to your exact needs. Maybe you just need a little boost to capture those final few points, or maybe you need a more comprehensive study plan. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Learn From a Team of Specialised Instructors

Our innovative Connected Classroom brings you instruction from a team of academic experts — the best global minds across the breadth of the discipline — without losing the feel of a traditional classroom.

Get Personalised Job Support at Every Step

Build confidence with mock technical tests and whiteboard challenges, get connected with peers, and navigate your university search from end-to-end with a dedicated academic coach.

10 +

Years of Experience




Hours of Live Instruction


97th Percentile Scoring Instructors

5 Million+

Practice Questions Completed by

Connected Classroom: The Best of Offline and Online Learning

Expert Instruction That Gets You Job-Ready

Our expert instructors are on hand to offer hands-on support and lead discussion.

Engage in Cutting-Edge Collaboration

Connect with peers in the classroom — or hundreds of miles away. “Connected Classroom” is a tech-enabled campus setup that mirrors the modern classroom environment.

Stay in the loop

Keep track of your latest progress with detailed lesson summaries and practice test reports. Plus, your program manager and tutor are always available to answer your questions (yes, even the silly ones) and discuss your program.

The Power of a Dedicated Coach + The Largest Academic Network

Strategy and Accountability

Our coaches work with you to tell the story of your professional background and individualise your path to a better academic life and career. Set goals and stay motivated from the first day of class!

Elite Instructors

These elite veterans bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom each day, providing invaluable insights into succeeding on the tests.

English Bridge instructors are committed to providing personalised feedback and support to help you gain confidence with key concepts and tools.



Tons of students used to have to flock to our classrooms from around the country to study under English Bridge’s rockstar test prep instructors.

Our team of TOEFL experts have all scored in the 97th percentile or higher on the extremely tough SAT, GMAT and GRE. These individuals have gone through extensive training in the English Bridge method, and are vetted for their ability to engage and entertain in addition to their ability to teach and answer tough questions.

All of our TOEFL instructors have completed rigorous training to ensure they not only know how the TOEFL works, but also how to teach it in an engaging way.


But we honestly believe that should not be the reality because English Bridge is just doing the bare-minimum an institution should be doing.


Hello !

We Hope You Could Come To Our FREE Weekly Informational Seminars On Saturdays


Let Us Know If You’d Like To Try Our FREE Score Prediction Tests On The Weekends.

The practice sessions were extremely helpful. Especially

the lessons on each section. I found the perfect guidance given

by Ms Amanda. The explanations for each question were helpful

in understanding better, wherever I went wrong.


Angga Narendra

TOEFL Score: 107

University of  Toronto


Jane Marcella

TOEFL Score: 113

University of Liverpool

Marcel Siswanto

TOEFL Score: 107

Macquarie University

Sara Monika

TOEFL Score: 109

University of Reading

Tasya Fibi

TOEFL Score: 115

RMIT University

Indri Puji Lestari

TOEFL Score: 110

University of California, Davis

Jessica Riana

TOEFL Score: 113

Queen Mary University of London

Grady Matthias Oktavian

TOEFL Score: 108

University of Alberta



The actual strategies and tactics required to use the writing principles are covered thoroughly within English Bridge program.

Especially because the TOEFL writing strategies, often, run counter to the way that these subjects are traditionally taught (for instance, creating a great “hook” is a fantastic idea on most essays, but a horrible idea for the TOEFL essay).


Master every concept, strategy, tool, and technique to earn a top TOEFL quant score.

Home in on weak areas with smart analytics and error trackers, and then turn them into strengths.

Gain deep confidence by practicing with thousands of realistic TOEFL® practice questions.

Follow a personalized plan of study that leads you through every step of the study process.

Study with confidence with our score improvement guarantee.

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