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97th+ Percentile


97th+ percentile scoring instructors who excel in teaching SAT GRE GMAT in a dynamic, conversational setting

Customizable Lessons and

Study Materials

Take the guesswork out of studying by telling you exactly what to study and when, exclusive to English Bridge.

Fully Customized to Your


Your private tutor will work with you to personalize a schedule and assess your diagnostics to develop a plan that teaches the best strategies for you.

Real Past

Exam Papers

Full length exams, Section Bank, Question Packs, Official Guide Questions.

+210 POINT

Average English Bridge SAT student score increase
after 40 hours of course

+305 POINT

Average English Bridge SAT student score increase
after 64 hours of course


Score Higher Than 1470

Student Success Stories

Ms Amanda literally saved my life! There were days when I just curled myself into a ball on my bed and lamented my luck. She literally turned a person with zero hope into the most optimistic person in the world. I went from a 1410 on the SAT to an insane 1550 within a month and a half thanks to Magoosh’s amazing test prep plan. I hope this feedback is helpful and I would love to share my success story courtesy of Magoosh with anyone who is planning to do the SAT in the near future!

Oh and I forgot to say another thing. She also helped me with my TOEFL iBT test this year. Again, you guys didn’t disappoint at all. I ended up getting a 113 on the actual test and it was all due to your sleek TOEFL prep plan.

Denise Atmadjaja

SAT Score: 1550

What Our Students Are Saying

My teachers Ms Jennifer and Mr Ray really helped with learning specific formulas to help with questions that are repetitive on the SAT and I think the grammar practice was extremely helpful.

Angela Luke

SAT Score: 1480

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Ms Jennifer helped me target specific topics I had trouble with, and the timed practice helped me figure out ways to work faster as well. She was truly an SAT expert.

Angela Luke

SAT Score: 1540

University of St.Gallen (HSG)

Mr Ray and Ms Jennifer helped me re-learn some math topics I had forgotten. It also helped me with pacing and how to eliminate answers quickly. It especially helped me with understanding the reading a bit more.

Ebie Prasetio

SAT Score: 1540

The Australian National University

I was familiar with most of the content on the SAT; however, our SAT teachers, Ms Jennifer and Mr Ray really helped with the topics I didn’t know, in addition to providing some of the best material to review what I may have forgotten. Their lessons were engaging and brilliant.

James Sugianto Limantara

SAT Score: 1490

City University of Hong Kong

Ms Amanda was truly amazing and godsend. I got personalized help and clear explanations for every answer. I improved my english by 70 points and math by 100 points.

Reza Yohanes

SAT Score: 1520

McMaster University

Ms Claudia helped me with pacing, strategies, and made learning fun. There were more difficult questions on English Bridge. The explanations were also extremely helpful and made me understand my mistakes. She also gave me insights into particular writing strategies and tricks the SAT employs

Dheya Indrayani

SAT Score: 1480

The University of Hong Kong

Ms Claudia and Mr Peter allowed me to gain a sense of understanding about the questions that would be asked on the test. They also offered me answers to the countless questions I had concerning the subject material that would arise on the SAT.

Dewi Noviana

SAT Score: 1510

University of British Columbia

Mr Peter helped me with my timing. Before I came here, I had a difficult time, strategically timing myself for each question. Sometimes I would spend 10 minutes on one question when I should only spend 2 minutes. He also helped me figure out things that I didn’t understand or things I never knew about.

Belinda Sanjaya

SAT Score: 1530

Charles Darwin University

I learned about the test structure, test-taking strategies, and what I need to know for the math and writing portions of the test. Thank you. Good Bye Ms Amanda.

Airien Noviyanti

SAT Score: 1550

Curtin University

Mr Ray gave me a better understanding of the SAT. The questions on his qBank are harder than the ones on the test, so i felt more comfortable. Also, my timing got better

Jason Christedi

SAT Score: 1480

Northwestern University

Ms Jennifer helped me to identify my weakness, provided guidance to work on those. It also helped me to understand the exam. requirement, and to take systematic approach for preparation of the exam . Discussion in the grammar section helped me a lot.

Mary Chelsea Salim

SAT Score: 1490

Princeton University

Mr Ray helped me focus on what I was struggling with or doing wrong. I was able to learn how to correct my mistakes. Ms Amanda, on the other hand, helped me understand instead of memorize information

She also helped me to build necessary basics and provided with many effective strtegies.

Aurelie Carvina

SAT Score: 1530

University of Toronto

Inside the English Bridge Curriculum

Gain a Well-Rounded Technical Foundation

Test prep can be stressful, and it’s our mission to make it as enjoyable and easy as possible. Your tutor will be with you throughout the whole process, cheering you on and giving you customized advice so that you are excited and empowered to improve your scores.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Network and connect with academic managers and your peers with the same ambitions and activities, and prepare to shine with the real tests.

Intuitive analytics

Our detailed score report results reveal exactly where you need to focus to achieve the biggest score gains.


Pre-Work: Prediction Test For Baseline Purposes

Stage 1: Exploratory Analysis

Stage 2: Learning of Fundamentals

Stage 3: Focus on All Test Sections

Stage 4: Mastery of Grammar and Writing

Stage 5: Advanced Topics and Strategies

Meet Your SAT Expert


English Bridge’s instructors are what make the difference. Not only are all of our instructors 97th+ percentile scoring over-achievers, but they’re also able to communicate complex topics in easy-to-digest, interesting ways that make learning fun and engaging.
Charles, 1570 SAT Score

Charles is a test preparation professional who specializes in the SAT, GMAT and GRE. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BS in Biology in December 2013. His official SAT score is 1570 , putting him in the 98th percentile of SAT test takers.

Adapting to each student’s learning style, Charles emphasizes custom approaches and communicates proven strategies to ensure his student’s performance. He practices the philosophy of mixing strategy and practice to create outstanding results.

Jennifer, 1590 SAT Score

Jennifer graduated from the National University of Singapore where she majored in English literature. She officially scored a 1590 on the SAT, putting her in the 99th percentile of test takers. She has been teaching since 2016 and has continued helping others on their journey to success and believes she can help students on that journey by customizing material to unique learning styles.



SAT Prep Tailored to You

Missed a class? Didn’t quite get a concept down in the previous lesson?

Having a personalized, tutor-created study plan is a great start. However, even once you have a plan, it’s not always effective to just sit back and follow it religiously.

Your English Bridge SAT tutor will work with you weekly (or more often!) to reassess your test prep plan and modify it if your schedule, full-length performance, or needs change to warrant it.

With the English Bridge Flexible Courses, you can repeat exercising specific problems as many times as you need to reinforce a concept.


Difficulty of your course will adapt to your skill.

Get the Most Gain in the Least Amount of Time.

Ideal for those looking to maximize their test-prep potential or push for top scores.


Hello !

We Hope You Could Come To Our FREE Weekly Informational Seminars On Saturdays


Let Us Know If You’d Like To Try Our FREE Score Prediction Tests On The Weekends.

Ms Jennifer helped me identify my weak spots in math

and writing and allowed me to work on them by doing practice problems.

Mr Francis was also great. He helped me by revealing the explanations

for the problems I had. He also taught me specific SAT strategies.


Cassie Regina

SAT Score: 1540

Western University


Michelle Regina

SAT Score: 1540

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Clariza Angkawijaya

SAT Score: 1530

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Angelia Wiradi

SAT Score: 1480

McGill University

Adityo Prihartadi

SAT Score: 1520

Fudan University

Glenda Fransisca

SAT Score: 1470

The University of Notre Dame, Australia

Tasya Frederika

SAT Score: 1440

Griffith University

Arvin Handoko

SAT Score: 1520

University of Basel

Natasya Metta Gunawan

SAT Score: 1490

University of Zurich

Ribka Christina

SAT Score: 1540

University of Oxford

Della Claresta Fujiarto

SAT Score: 1480

Boston University

Intan Dwi Kurniasih

SAT Score: 1550

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Jessica Tanri

SAT Score: 1470

University of Technology Sydney

Flexible Start Dates

and Scheduling

Whatever your busy schedule, we’ve got a live class that works for you. That’s because English Bridge courses are offered at different times of the day and week to fit any schedule.

Not only does each student have unique learning needs, but each student also has unique demands on their time, whether it’s family, friends, one or multiple jobs, hobbies, volunteering, research, shadowing, or anything else.

You can reschedule classes quickly to ensure you never fall behind in your prep.

Your SAT tutor will work with you to create a study plan that works with your schedule without skimping on the vital components of SAT prep.

At English Bridge, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve helped our students achieve great score improvement by providing flexible prep tailored to meet their needs. Tell us when you want to get started and how much time you can put in, and we’ll deliver a program that fits.

The Power of a Dedicated Coach + The Largest Academic Network

Strategy and Accountability

Our coaches work with you to tell the story of your professional background and individualise your path to a better academic life and career. Set goals and stay motivated from the first day of class!

Elite Instructors

These elite veterans bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom each day, providing invaluable insights into succeeding on the tests.

English Bridge instructors are committed to providing personalised feedback and support to help you gain confidence with key concepts and tools.

With 6K+ alumni, we’ve placed more grads in high-calibre,

high-quality universities and careers than any other programme.

Lessons built for you

No two students are the same, and we create personalized lessons that cater to your exact needs. Maybe you just need a little boost to capture those final few points, or maybe you need a more comprehensive study plan. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Learn From a Team of Specialised Instructors

Our innovative Connected Classroom brings you instruction from a team of academic experts — the best global minds across the breadth of the discipline — without losing the feel of a traditional classroom.

Get Personalised Job Support at Every Step

Build confidence with mock technical tests and whiteboard challenges, get connected with peers, and navigate your university search from end-to-end with a dedicated academic coach.

10 +

Years of Experience




Hours of Live Instruction


97th Percentile Scoring Instructors

5 Million+

Practice Questions Completed by

Connected Classroom: The Best of Offline and Online Learning

Expert Instruction That Gets You Job-Ready

Our expert instructors are on hand to offer hands-on support and lead discussion.

Engage in Cutting-Edge Collaboration

Connect with peers in the classroom — or hundreds of miles away. “Connected Classroom” is a tech-enabled campus setup that mirrors the modern classroom environment.

Stay in the loop

Keep track of your latest progress with detailed lesson summaries and practice test reports. Plus, your program manager and tutor are always available to answer your questions (yes, even the silly ones) and discuss your program.

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