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What Makes The English Bridge GRE Prep Course the Smarter Way to Prep?

Proven to Increase Official GRE Scores By 19 Points On Average

Time-Efficient Personalized


We don’t waste your time with content you already know– simply opt out of it. Plus with a highly customizable study planner, and integrated learning modules, you won’t waste a second with GRE prep tailored to you.

Engaging Content

Most test prep is stale and boring. Our courses are designed with explanations and discussions to make your study experience visually engaging so you more effectively retain concepts.


Instinctual and Intuitive


Our analytics quickly diagnose the underlying patterns of what you got wrong and why, by subject, reasoning skills, and question type so you can prep smarter and progress faster for the GRE exam. The result? We can maximize your score without any wasted time or effort.

Still The Most Representative

Our GRE practice tests are still the most representative so you won’t be surprised on test day. We have the best exams because we know how the GRE really works and how the GRE expects you to think.


Average English Bridge GRE student score increase
after 40 hours of course


Average English Bridge GRE student score increase
after 64 hours of course


Score Higher Than 328

Student Success Stories

Mr Ray was invaluable for this exam. He helped build math skills i had not used in 8 years. Im very grateful to him!!!

Quant: I benefitted most from the mental math tips and tricks. I work with numbers all day in Private Equity and had never heard of these helpful hacks. Super.

Verbal: Working through nearly all of the verbal question pool helped me immensely. I included a running list of all unfamiliar vocab words I encountered, and drilled them daily. I also liked the strategy videos for sentence completion.

Natasya Prameswari

The University of Melbourne

What Our Students Are Saying

Mr Wayne structured my studying and I felt accountable to the schedule. He provided the actual content and concepts for the Quantitative section that I did not see in other prep materials. I wish I had done better in Quant, but wasn’t expecting above 159 or 160 at best, and was thrilled with my Verbal Score.

Maria Patricia Gautama

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

London Business School

Mr Ray’s Quant lessons educated me on a lot of different strategies and ‘tricks’ that I could use to simplify seemingly tough problems on the GRE. Also loved the fact that the solutions to problems are explained personally.

The variety of question types that he exposed me to was beneficial in helping me prepare for the exam.

Sylvia Agustine

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

University of Chicago

Ms Amanda has questions that were nearly identical to the actual GRE. The large question bank of Math questions combined with the tips and tricks on how to tackle the questions made Math a breeze!

Nadia Ilyana

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 165


Ms Claudia helped me know what was important to study and what wasn’t. She gave me the confidence I needed to get my desired score! I was so nervous, but she made me feel empowered and even excited to learn!

Gea Anggitashastri B.

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 169

ETH Zurich

I followed the one-month plan, and was happy to do small pieces of prep each day. While I couldn’t keep up the pace with a full-time job (as the guide warned me), I still believe Ms Claudia helped me a lot. I learned general strategies (number sense, not looking at the verbal answers without my own answer), a sense for timing, and most importantly, I always had a plan to follow so I couldn’t second-guess myself.

Raisa Utami Jaya

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 166

Imperial College London

Mr Ray helped me recognize key patterns in the test questions, that gave me shortcuts to answers or helped me make confident choices. Time management was significantly easier due to him familiarizing me with the test before the exam, and I was able to confidently navigate the exam focusing on what was most important: the content of the exam.

Jeumpa Fathya Kinanti K.

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 168

Lancaster University Management School

English Bridge is perfect for learners who want to receive full attention from the teacher. The detailed reviews you get after every practice session help you strengthen your strong points and identify your weak points. I enjoyed studying for the GRE because of Ms Amanda’s useful tips and simple strategy!

Kenny Jonathan

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 166

Harvard University

The Verbal lectures provided by Mr Ray did a great job, as they offered solid strategies for grasping the meaning of the incredibly dense passages that the GRE likes to give. His vocabulary analogical explanations were also humorous, entertaining and super helpful for legitimately learning the raft of unfamiliar vocabulary. Considering that I spent a little over a month studying, I am beyond satisfied with English Bridge and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a cost-effective and quality way to prepare for the GRE. THANK YOU MR RAY!!

Fenia Febiani

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

University of Cambridge

Went for the lessons here to cover the fundamentals of math and can’t say enough about how helpful my teacher, Ms Claudia was. I think there was some gaps in my foundational math skills and these she were incredibly helpful.

Would be happy to recommend this to anyone, and I’m positive if I had another month to study my score would’ve been even higher.

Meireska P

GRE Score: V 166 / Q 169

Stanford University

My teacher, Ms Claudia would respond to a question I had about a problem in minutes. Their study buddy feature is also a fantastic resource to take advantage of. I did a couple of gre prep books/programs before coming here, but I continued to struggle with concepts that were immediately elucidated with a explantation. I do not doubt that it was really my teachers that enabled me to get such a fantastic score. Truly, can’t say enough good things about this company.

Stella Christanti

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 165

University of Oxford

Ms Jennifer adapted to my learning needs and gave me a realistic interface to work with to prepare for the GRE. It was also good for someone like me who only had three weeks to prepare for the exam!

Natania Saputra

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 169

Zhejiang University

Ms Claudia helped with AWA and provided some nice structure to think about the verbal sections, instrumental in getting my scores from low to sky-high. She also helped me to develop a more focused study plan and feel like I had a pathway. It also helped me to understand math problems in multiple ways, to actually understand the logic.

Ayu Sekarmelati Rahendriani

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 168

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Inside the English Bridge Curriculum

Gain a Well-Rounded Technical Foundation

Test prep can be stressful, and it’s our mission to make it as enjoyable and easy as possible. Your tutor will be with you throughout the whole process, cheering you on and giving you customized advice so that you are excited and empowered to improve your scores.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Network and connect with academic managers and your peers with the same ambitions and activities, and prepare to shine with the real tests.

Intuitive analytics

Our detailed score report results reveal exactly where you need to focus to achieve the biggest score gains.


Pre-Work: Prediction Test For Baseline Purposes

Stage 1: Exploratory Analysis

Stage 2: Learning of Fundamentals

Stage 3: Focus on All Test Sections

Stage 4: Mastery of Grammar and Writing

Stage 5: Advanced Topics and Strategies



English Bridge GRE instructors were chosen not only for their 97th+ percentile scores but also for their ability to keep you engaged and alert while imparting mind-blowing GRE wisdom throughout each lesson.
Marley, 334 GRE Score

Marley attended the Boston University, where she graduated summa cum laude with a double major in both Economics and Accounting. She has been teaching the GRE, GMAT, SAT and other tests for many years, helping students master the concepts they find most difficult.

Denise, 336 GRE Score

Denis is a test-taking whiz and doubly brilliant for scoring not only a 336 on the GRE but also a 760 on the GMAT (out of 800, that’s 98th percentile!). She graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Biological Sciences.

GRE Overview

About the GRE
GRE Scoring
Retaking the GRE

GRE Verbal Section

Overview of GRE Verbal
Reading Comprehension
Sentence Equivalence

GRE Quantitative Section

Overview of GRE Math
Quantitative Comparison Questions
Algebra on the GRE

GRE Study Strategies

General study advice
Tips and tricks
Time Management

GRE Vocabulary

GRE Vocab Tools
Vocab Study Strategies
Which words to study

Analytical Writing Section

Analyze an Argument
Analyze an Issue
Tools for preparation

GRE test day tips

Day of the exam
Leading up to the exam
Improving exam performance

Graduate School Admissions

Application advice
GRE scores
Which exam to take



Our courses gives you the ability to personalize the course by opting out of content you already know.

Within Learning Modules, lesson videos, quizzes, reasoning skills and passages are integrated in a thoughtful way to help students master the content, not just memorize it.

You can skip Learning Modules for content you already know, allowing you to truly personalize this GRE course to your needs. This individualized study methodology will give you a hint as to what’s important to the GRE so you can focus your study.

The Power of a Dedicated Coach + The Largest Academic Network

Strategy and Accountability

Our coaches work with you to tell the story of your professional background and individualise your path to a better academic life and career. Set goals and stay motivated from the first day of class!

Elite Instructors

These elite veterans bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom each day, providing invaluable insights into succeeding on the tests.

English Bridge instructors are committed to providing personalised feedback and support to help you gain confidence with key concepts and tools.

With 6K+ alumni, we’ve placed more grads in high-calibre,

high-quality universities and careers than any other programme.

Lessons built for you

No two students are the same, and we create personalized lessons that cater to your exact needs. Maybe you just need a little boost to capture those final few points, or maybe you need a more comprehensive study plan. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Learn From a Team of Specialised Instructors

Our innovative Connected Classroom brings you instruction from a team of academic experts — the best global minds across the breadth of the discipline — without losing the feel of a traditional classroom.

Get Personalised Job Support at Every Step

Build confidence with mock technical tests and whiteboard challenges, get connected with peers, and navigate your university search from end-to-end with a dedicated academic coach.

10 +

Years of Experience




Hours of Live Instruction


97th Percentile Scoring Instructors

5 Million+

Practice Questions Completed by

Connected Classroom: The Best of Offline and Online Learning

Expert Instruction That Gets You Job-Ready

Our expert instructors are on hand to offer hands-on support and lead discussion.

Engage in Cutting-Edge Collaboration

Connect with peers in the classroom — or hundreds of miles away. “Connected Classroom” is a tech-enabled campus setup that mirrors the modern classroom environment.

Stay in the loop

Keep track of your latest progress with detailed lesson summaries and practice test reports. Plus, your program manager and tutor are always available to answer your questions (yes, even the silly ones) and discuss your program.


Celebrating 10+ years of helping English Bridge students raise their scores on average +25 points


Hello !

We Hope You Could Come To Our FREE Weekly Informational Seminars On Saturdays


Let Us Know If You’d Like To Try Our FREE Score Prediction Tests On The Weekends.

Mr Ray helped me identify areas for growth and offered study materials focused

around those specific topics. I liked the feature of giving quizzes after math sections

so I could decide whether I felt ready to move on or if I wanted to keep reviewing that

topic. The practice GRE test I took also predicted my scores pretty well: I received the

same Quant score on the real GRE, and I was able to bring my Verbal score up a few

points because I went through all the words on their Vocabulary Builder app.


Louise E.

GRE Score: V 166 / Q 168

The University of Sydney


Sharon Widjaja

GRE Score: V 167 / Q 169

Peking University

Mieke Christiani

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 166

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Trixie Dominique

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 167

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


GRE Score: V 164 / Q 169

University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Wesley Yando Tantra

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 166

Fudan University

Anita Livia Wiguna

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

Northwestern University

Zefanya Antoinette

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 166

The University of Manchester

Eirene Lasut

GRE Score: V 166 / Q 169

The Kellogg School of Management

Ristauli Oktavia Haloho

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 167

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

Steven Fauduly

GRE Score: V 166 / Q 169

University of Toronto

Nacia Andriana

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

Johns Hopkins University



We’ve all fallen asleep in class or dozed off listening to a lecture. It’s hard to learn when you’re face down in a pool of drool.

That’s why we spent hundreds of hours training our teachers to keep you awake, engaged and learning at your best.
Our courses help you to visualize complex concepts in a way that textbooks and projector slides can’t — to help you learn and more effectively retain concepts.



We show you not only what you got right and wrong, but also the underlying patterns by subject, by reasoning skill, and by question type so you can spot your weaknesses faster and get better quicker.
You’ll also be able to see if you tend to guess right first then switch to the wrong answer so you can fix that habit before it gets entrenched before the tests.

What You Get:

Here’s Everything That’s Included.

15+ GRE test prep classes, focusing on applied practice, advanced strategies, timing, and answering all of your questions.

Still the most representative full-length practice exams and the most realistic interface.
30 Learning Modules dedicated specifically to teaching strategy and reasoning skills to help demystify the GRE
Special emphasis on Most sought-after GRE Vocabularies
Qbank now includes 4000 questions (up from 2000)
Customizable study planner now even easier to adjust your schedule as life happens.
160 Learning Modules integrating content videos, strategy, quizzes and assessments.
Over 10,000 total practice questions including 150+ passages
15 full-length GRE exams

9,000 real GRE Questions (that’s every GRE question ever) with the absolute best explanations, including 300+ hours of video explanations.

9,000 real GRE Questions (that’s every GRE question ever) with the absolute best explanations, including 300+ hours of video explanations.

Ability to repeat and reschedule any class as many times as you want with any instructor to learn from different styles or tackle difficult concepts.

But Wait,

There’s More!

1 comprehensive GRE Strategy Guidebook

Plus multiple cheat sheets, pacing guide, and other study resources.

Updated Self-Paced Qbank

Now with 4000 questions! Advanced filtering to create practice sets by subject, difficulty level, and number of questions. For more details on the Qbank, click here.

Updated Books

NEWLY UPDATED BOOKS! Revised to reflect the 2020 MCAT and the most recently released AAMC exam. Comprehensive content and thorough review of reasoning skills and strategies needed to succeed on the MCAT. Completely new Psych/Sociology and MCAT Reasoning volumes. Extensively updated end-of-chapter practice, integrated with the online course allowing you to practice in the most realistic way that mimics test day. For more details on the books, click here.

Learning Modules that integrate content, strategy and quizzes throughout to help you better retain the material for a full GRE preparation.

We don’t rely on tips and tricks. We teach students how CARS passages and questions work in a deeper way that helps tackle the reasoning beyond the text.

All official GRE online resources

Section Bank, Question Packs, and Official Guide Questions

Reasoning Skills

Reasoning skills taught throughout to help demystify the GRE.  Special emphasis on verbal reasoning and design.

The world's best GRE instructors

99th percentile GRE scorers Two top-scoring LSAT instructors per class teaching live & on camera to guide
your practice and teach you proven strategies.

Score Increase Guarantee

We’re so confident that the Blueprint MCAT Online Course will raise your score, we guarantee it. Click here for more details.

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