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TOEIC Jakarta Course Test Prep Testimonials



A Track Record of Success – SAT Jakarta Course Test Prep Testimonials

Read our TOEIC Jakarta Course Test Prep Testimonials. A great SAT curriculum and strong instructor team don’t mean much without years of history and results to back them up. Since 2008 we have helped more than 9,000 students apply to the world’s most prestigious universities. With our track record of success, it’s no surprise that more and more students choose English Bridge every year.

English Bridge has been helping students conquer standardized tests since 2008. English Bridge Test Prep’s curriculum was developed by test prep experts, who have years of experience writing exam questions and preparing students for success.

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Teachers at English Bridge cut to the core of each problem type. Students were taught how to instantly recognize question types. Then, depending on the answer choices, strategies such as back-solving, smart numbers and even guessing may be taken. Most importantly, there is an intense focus on timing strategies.

For those thinking of taking the SAT, best of luck! However, you won’t need luck if you have English Bridge…Good Luck Mr. Han…

Herry Jeo, Singapore International School

The short version: Mr.Han is a gifted, enthusiastic, and patient teacher who helped me improve my score by over 200 points in less than three months of weekly tutoring sessions. Working with Joe made an Ivy League college program a possibility for me. Work with him. Period. You won’t regret it.


Satrio Sugeng, Jakarta Intercultural School

I took English Bridge’s 30-week course and they suggested I work with Mr Han and subsequently spent several months studying fundamental math concepts with him. Results were amazing. I took 2 SATs. I got 1450 for the first try and 1520 for the second attempt 6 months later.

Eddy Chung, Kanisius College

I met Mr. Han at English Bridge Sudirman. He was as humble as he is brilliant and clearly took pride in helping his students succeed. During our first session, he listened to my concerns, asked pointed questions, and created a structured game plan that struck a balance between content review and test taking strategy. It was apparent that Joe not only has a masterful understanding of SAT concepts and content, but is also a natural teacher who clearly enjoyed working through the material with his students. I got 1540 for my SAT and admitted to Cornell University.

Hariyanto Tan, British International School

I have had many tutors but I feel that Mr. Han was the best teacher I have ever had. For example, when I struggled with a problem, Mr. Han would patiently think of different ways to explain the concept until I understood it. I started noticing improvement in my scores within weeks of working together, and was thrilled when I earned a 1490 on my first official SAT. (That might not sound very impressive to you SAT snobs out there, but I started at a 1210.)

Robin Javier, Jakarta Intercultural School

“Hats off to English Bridge! You deserve all the recognition that you get for a very customizable English classes. Student consultation was excellent!”


“You guys have the best student response. I have enrolled in your school three times in the last 2 years & I’m really impressed with your teachers. Especially Mr. Han and Ms. Angel. They amazed me.”



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Cindy Chandra

Score Improvement: +130 points
What was your overall score on the actual SAT? 1340
What was your math score? 33
What was your writing score? 35
What was your reading score? 33
If you took the SAT before, what was your previous math score? 29.5
If you took the SAT before, what was your previous writing score? 32
If you took the SAT before, what was your previous reading score? 30
How did English Bridge help you?
Ms. Jennifer didn’t teach me to memorize things but taught me how to think logically. Whenever I was stuck on a problem, I would always contact the support team. I would always get a swift response. My teacher also helped me fight my anxiety and stress.Thank you so much!

Jessica Sarina

What was your overall score on the actual SAT? 1480
What was your math score? 800
What was your writing score? 680
What was your reading score? 680
How did English Bridge help you?

Mr. Han, my teacher, provided multiple strategies to tackle problems to accommodate personal strengths and weaknesses. His approach to teaching is engaging and in response to the students’ needs. There wasn’t a time that went by where he did not ask for feedback and updates on students’ individual progress. While he’s fast in covering content, he was willing to slow down when asked. He’s friendly, patient, and responsive to emails if I had questions for him outside class hours. Definitely recommended.

Cindy Chandra

What was your overall score on the actual SAT? 1570
What was your math score? 40
What was your writing score? 39
What was your reading score? 38
How did English Bridge help you?
On the first attempt, I scored 710 on the GMAT but I felt it wasn’t enough for the schools I was aiming for. In order to address my weaknesses in specific areas and strengthen my concepts, I opted for the 10 hour private tutoring session by Manhattan Prep. My instructor Josh understood my strengths and weaknesses from day 1 itself and provided me with the best strategies to go forward with during preparation and while giving the exam. The approach he suggested me to use while solving critical reasoning questions made a lot of difference in my verbal score. He also helped me understand the concepts in quant that I was struggling with such as divisibility and number properties by giving me ample number of difficult problems to solve. The Manhattan Prep Strategy Guide books and the practice exams were extremely helpful as well in understanding concepts especially sentence correction rules though the quant section on the practice exams was a little tougher and can demoralize oneself at times. But all in all it the course is an excellent way to give yourself that push and reach higher scores.